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1592 Imjin War MOD APK: Yi Sun-sin (Unlimited Money) Download

1592 Imjin War: Yi Sun-sin, Korea vs Japan naval battle
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September 23, 2022
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1592 Imjin War MOD APK Download: Yi Sun-sin, Korea vs Japan naval battle free official version. The 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea dealt with the major naval battles of Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

Mod Info?

Upgrade attack power and attack speed in the shipyard to get a lot of gold coins

Install Steps:

1592 Imjin War MOD APK Download

From the Battle of Okpo, the first naval battle, to the Battle of Hansan, one of the four major naval battles in the world,
Use Panok ship and Turtle ship to advance strategically, and defeat the enemy.
I tried to contain historical evidence, but there are some exaggerations for gameability.
Enjoy the Imjin War at the end of the 16th century, which put the fate of the three Northeast Asian countries on the line, and the naval battle of Yi Sun-sin, the most influential person.

* Earphones recommended
Wear earphones to enjoy more lively play with magnificent sound effects such as shelling, drumming, and BGM.

◆ Use your own formation, and develop your own.
Fight the enemy by forming Straight, Arrow, and Crane wing, which are the representative formation of the Joseon fleet.
You can make your own custom formation.

◆ Use a variety of shells
Choose the appropriate shell according to the distance and situation, such as Grape shot, Bomb shot, Giant arrow shot, and Arrows.

◆ Convenient fleet movement
After designating multiple ally ships, it supports simultaneous movement, position fixation, and automatic battle.
You can use your strategy by conveniently moving multiple fleets.

◆ Use your skills to lead the battle to your advantage.
There are skills to lead the battle to an advantage, including bow attack, all cannon attacks, increased defense, faster movement, and attracting enemy attention.

◆ Increase ships, improve weapons
You can increase the number of ships by building Panok Ship and Turtle Ship at the shipyard.
Weapons and defense improvements can make the fleet stronger.

◆ Enjoy various battles through infinite battles, pirate hunts.
In infinite combat mode, constant enemy ships appear.
Pirate hunting supports more gold coin rewards.

◆ Easy, difficulty, history 3 levels of difficulty
After completing 20 missions, then proceed with the difficulty level and challenge the more difficult battles with more fleets.

□ With a lot of support, we look forward to further developing the Battle of Busanpo, furthermore, the Battle of Myeongnyang in 1597, the Battle of Noryang in 1598, and the multi-play.
□ The game storage data is encrypted on the device and cannot be transferred to another device.
개발자 연락처 :
사업자등록번호 : 237-21-01590
통신판매업신고번호 : 2022-인천남동구-1219호
통신판매업 신고를 받은 기관 이름 : 인천 남동구청
연락처 : 032-343-3703

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