Alchemists’ Garden MOD APK (MOD Menu/Damage Multiplier)

Enjoy Gardens filled with life and stories woven by the future alchemists.
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UpdatedJuly 5, 2023
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Alchemists’ Garden MOD APK Download: Enjoy Gardens filled with life and stories woven by the future alchemists. Create a unique box Garden through your adventures. Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle.

Mod Info?

1.MOD Menu
2. damage multiplier
3.enemy not attack

Alchemists’ Garden MOD APK Download

◆ About the Game
This story takes place in a different era, in a faraway land…
As an Alchemist in the Academy, you will receive a box “Garden” teeming with life.
Influenced by your will and magic, your Garen will eventually evolve into a world of its own…

Garden Simulation RPG x Strategy x Puzzle

Explore this new world as you please and collaborate with other players. You can even compete against them.
Enhance Characters to aid you and grow your Garden the way you like.
Form a Guild with friends, participate in Guild events, engage in intense and thrilling Guild Wars, and more.
There are many more game modes for you to explore!

Recruit Characters

You can find Characters ranging from the beast-eared maidens to mecha ladies. There are all kinds of Garden residents with intriguing personalities.
You can even recruit your favorite Characters to join your adventures.
You can enhance every Character to the highest grade. These Characters will then become a part of your indispensable assault team!

◆Powerful Voice Cast
Dozens of well-known voice actors dedicated their voices to bring you a highly immersive audio-visual feast:
Koga Aoi, Mineda Mayu, Inoue Honoka, Tajima Saran, Yamaki Anna, and more!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.7.1 789.4 MB 6.0 28/12/2022

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