AltLife – Life Simulator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money + Unlocked)

In AltLife, you are the author of your life. Each story is different.
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UpdatedDec 10, 2023
Requirements4.4 and up
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Welcome back, guys today I will give you AltLife Mod Apk with latest version and totally free with high speed download speed. This game too popular you also know this game. So download and enjoy mod game for free.

In AltLife, you are the author of your life. Each story is different.

AltLife Mod Apk: Live a life of mediocrity, or drop out of college to pursue your dreams as an online influencer, it’s all up to you.

AltLife Mod Apk

Apply to your dream job and work your way up the hierarchy, or live off of your parents. There is no wrong decision.

Most of what you interact with is randomly generated to create a unique experience each time you play, making AltLife the ultimate Life Simulator.


AltLife has an ever-expanding list of jobs you can apply to, ranging from a simple Dishwasher, all the way up to respected CEOs. Each job has its own requirements like education, degrees, stats, age, etc.

AltLife Mod Apk


Careers are just like jobs, with the exception that you can interact with them. Utoob lets you become a Utoober and make millions by uploading videos and monetizing them. The top rankings shows the top 10 Utoobers of each year in the game.


Nurturing relationships is just as important as landing a great job in AltLife. The more you interact with people in the game, the more options will appear.


AltLife offers a wide variety of activities ranging from playing the lottery, to going on a shopping spree.


Collect all sorts of in-game items and store them in your inventory!


Collect exotic supercars, invest in commercial real estate or rent out a skyscraper. The choice is yours.

How To Download

  • Click on the green download button.
  • Wait 10s Download link generated.
  • Two or More download links available.
  • Click anyone to download Mod Apk.
  • And install
  • Enjoy.


If you like this game and you are enjoying my headwork so please share it with your friends. AltLife Mod Apk game have fully modded and customized. Download and enjoy high speed and without any problems.


Version Size Requirements Date
38 29M 4.4 and up 16/11/2021
36hf3 29M 4.4 and up 29/06/2020

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