Android Acceleration Programs You Should Try

Programs from this category are designed to speed up your Android phone and save the battery of your device. With their help, you can quickly clean your device from unnecessary files, cache, optimize the operation of services, reduce power consumption (prolongs the life of the battery) by turning off unnecessary processes, and improve the performance of your smartphone. Find more useful programs for android on appslikethese.

Each application has its original design and features. To work with these applications you just need to press a few buttons and the program will do everything for you.

Clean Master for Android

The Android Clean Master is the ultimate tool to clean and optimize your device. Its built-in tools can boost your device performance, lower its power consumption and cut Internet traffic.

What does Clean Master do?

Without user intervention, the Android platform performs a lot of “unnecessary” actions that reduce its performance. Many unused applications work in the background, receiving and sending data to the Internet. Clean Master allows you to end individual tasks executed by the OS, which reduces the load on your device’s hardware and, therefore, its temperature. Less resource consumption leads to less battery consumption and makes it possible to use a tablet or smartphone for longer. The app has a simple interface: one click is enough to stop any program.

The program features

  • clearing the cache of your device and applications;
  • deleting temporary files;
  • easy uninstallation of software;
  • RAM optimization;
  • blocking and deleting unwanted notifications;
  • anti-virus module checks running programs;
  • quick deletion of confidential information;
  • backup data creation.

Super Battery

An application for monitoring the battery status and power consumption on Android devices. As a result of the scan, the user receives data on the battery performance, unnecessary files, and minor applications that can be removed without consequences. By adjusting the settings, you can increase the operating time of the device and extend the battery life. The app automatically reduces screen brightness and backlighting and turns off wireless networks, which saves battery life. When your device wakes up from sleep mode, the network is reconnected.

Charging mode is displayed with a percentage indication of the charge. As in addition, there is a weather forecast that displays temperature, wind speed, etc. The app is recommended for all mobile device owners.

Features of Super Battery

  • reducing the charging time;
  • the cooling of the processor of the device;
  • indication of the remaining battery time in different modes of the device;
  • analysis of battery performance;
  • simple and logical menu;
  • disabling secondary power-consuming applications and functions;
  • automatic switching into power-saving mode;
  • does not require a large amount of resources of the device;
  • only necessary functions;
  • laconic design.

Disadvantages of the program

  • sometimes the battery capacity is determined incorrectly;
  • there are problems with cache clearing;
  • there is no automatic optimization, you need to adjust the settings.

Root Booster for Android

This is a tool to improve the performance of your mobile device. Due to its use, the overall stability of operation and the duration of autonomous operation increase, and the performance of the operating system improves.

What Root Booster can do

  • optimize the operating system by adjusting some parameters and services;
  • changing the processor frequency with a choice between performance (maximum frequencies) and autonomy (minimum values);
  • managing the RAM of the device.

Application Features

The application allows you to select one of the installed modes, improving stability or performance, or make manual adjustments. The principle of the tool is based on the application of the necessary settings of system components that are not available in the device itself.


  • fine-tuning of the system;
  • cleans the system from unnecessary garbage (leftovers of deleted programs, cache, empty folders, thumbnails of pictures, etc.).

Game Booster for Android

This is an application that optimizes your device to run modern and heavy games. It works with almost no user intervention and supports several modes. Just select the game you want to speed up and click on the icon to run it in optimization mode.

Game Booster features

  • optimize the weaknesses of the processor to run resource-intensive applications and games;
  • conserving battery power for longer operation of the device;
  • terminate background tasks and reduce the load on the processor.

Application Features

The optimizer works in several modes. Ultra Gaming Mode and Hard Gaming Mode maximize processor and memory optimization, terminate unnecessary tasks, and increase the device’s battery drain, but ensure maximum performance and the ability to run resource-intensive games. Balanced Gaming Mode balances game or app performance against background activity, and Lite/Longer Gaming Mode optimizes battery life on a single charge.


  • fully automatic operation after mode selection;
  • simple interface with a minimum of elements.

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