Have You Considered Bonding With Your Loved Ones Over A Game Of Ludo?

After the lockdown crashed down the global economy, the world has dived into a downward spiral of boredom, isolation, and piling stress. The aspect of bonding in daily life has gone barely, and people have tried to recover by using innovative methods and ways. These difficult times proved how important family is to the common people, and to tie back old relationships, Ludo became the perfect game of communion. 

Have You Considered Bonding With Your Loved Ones Over A Game Of Ludo?

Isolated people seek comfort in games that bring people together and provide a sense of community. In the dark times of the COVID 19 pandemic, Ludo has been able to do just that quite effectively by spreading out through the Internet like wildfire and bringing in a hoard of players that could download and for the game and enjoy it comfortably anywhere in their home. Numerous people joined in on playing these newly launched versions of Ludo, and it turned out to be a very lucrative phenomenon where you could play Ludo and earn money and have serious fun, all at the same time.

In the list below, let us check out how Ludo helps us when used as a fundamental tool for bonding with our close friends, relatives, and, most importantly, family.

Top Game During The Pandemic

People were wholly flustered and bored during the pandemic, and there was not a single proper activity they could find to gratify their social needs. Ludo came as an emerging champion and swept up the Indian market in a storm, to everyone’s surprise. Statistically observed, Ludo became the top game every individual started playing in the Indian subcontinent and enjoyed tremendously. A whole section of people shifted their real-life existence to the digital world, and the ones who are technologically handicapped became more attuned to the system with an app crafted with elements familiar to them. Ludo ranked as the number one game downloaded during the pandemic, crossing all other digitally available board games. The game even helped older adults learn the tools of the trade on how to use mobile devices more easily.

Encourages Bonding Over Silly Fights

The thing about family and loved ones is that they often get into silly fights. In the modern age, all families have segregated to form small nuclear lifestyles where they need to care for and tend to themselves, making life excruciatingly tricky for anyone to maintain a proper connection. People develop more important aspects and goals in life that they need to strive for, and amidst this, disagreements and clashes often take place. Ludo acts in such cases as the perfect icebreaker to dilute any internal conflicts within the family or close relationships. Playing the silly and fun game develops a sense of humor among the tensed people and releases any pressure they might have felt within themselves. All tensions subside as playing this game of brightly colored tokens soothes emotions and encourages healthy conversations, brewing an air of commonality.

Helps Relive Childhood Memories

Ludo is the best time-traveling machine that can send you on a nostalgic trip. Everyone got introduced to Ludo as the very first game of their life. To relate to how your loved one thinks, you have to find out their best memories from childhood. As children, our years of growing uphold the most treasured moments, and they are revealed best when a game played during that time is repeated in the future. The secrets shared in between rounds of what drama and action unfolded in their childhood as collateral to the game are discussed. Secrets shared between people over games are the best way to strengthen any relationship.

Promotes Health Benefits

Ludo is one of the best games that help in improving your overall health. The game is governed by simple rules where you have to throw the dice, get a number and move tokens across the board to win. The player who moves his tokens fastest towards the goal point wins the game. The dice-throwing involves a bit of luck but moving the right pieces makes you think and devise a strategy that best suits your game plan. Your brain is worked up to sort out deductions and chalk out the best way to move the pieces ahead while trying to capture your rival’s pieces in the game. Both hemispheres of the brain are set to work out a creative and logical strategy suited for the player. This exercise helps the brain stay young and prohibits the chances of illnesses that might arise due to old age.

Also, playing with really close ones makes us feel happy, and this releases endorphins in our brain, popularly known as feel-good chemicals. If you feel better inside, you tend to develop calmness in your actions, making you more active and functional during real-life decisions.

Final Words

Ludo is one of the best games on the market, and people seem to have great fun playing it. Interestingly, Ludo has been found to have certain benefits that are unique to it and not quite common to other board games that are similar to it. In an age of rising depression, getting closure with loved ones is an absolute necessity that Ludo tries to fulfill at all costs. We must keep our loved ones close and provide them the best comfort in times of trouble. Playing online Ludo helps suppress bad memories and forms fresh ones that are crucial elements to developing the existing relationships with your special ones.

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