5 Top Free Android Apps 2020 Latest Top Secret

Top Free Android Apps: Going 10 years back, the android was designed by Android Inc. and was bought by Google in 2005. And after that, the enormous number of apps got uploaded in the androids. Now android contains the apps for everything which are completely free Top Free Android Apps or you can say that you are a few clicks always to upgrade your phone to the smartphone without any extra cost invested in it.


Top Free Android Apps

The plenty of options are available which costs nothing but can provide many favors to the androids, and those are the truly best apps for androids without the payments of a single rupee. The androids are the most developed platforms in which most of the developers are taking part in the mobile app development to get access to the huge developing markets.

Let’s talk about the few renowned free android apps of 2020

Screen Stopwatch

There are several ways launched by Google to favor the wellbeing of people among many the one is designed to analyze yourself that how much time you have spent on the use of the screen. This is the “Screen stopwatch” app which turns into the wallpaper and counts the time when your screen is on. And at the end time of the day, one can analyze himself that how much time he has used the screen for a whole day.

It’s a really good app as well as the color combination of it in black will save your battery life as well after being displayed on the wallpaper. Top Free Android Apps So, if the number indicated by the app surprised you by the phone usage it could slightly help you to change your routine or might trigger you to less using it.

Efficient Modern Gboard

The Gboard or swift key is free Google’s official simple keyboard app, which is quite simple and smooth. It provides features like typing, light theming and controlling, voice detection typing, emoji’s, GIF support and much more. The best approach of the app is to search the web without closing the tab or app in which you are already in and one can synchronize with the various devices as well of to save much with you. It’s an amazing free efficient app for sure.


It’s Over the best app to take your games to the improved level. As well as it’s great to give designs to the photos, images, and text, as well as best for Instagram and other social apps especially for the flyers. This app is best suitable for several canvas sizes which settle the photos according to the size required in the social sites as well as it has the features of settling various font styles along with the color tones and positioning.
It’s best for the graphics designing especially for the projects because it provides a lot regarding the graphics, fonts, templates, etc. which are favorable enough to not start the work from scratch.

Appealing Sticker Maker

For the Sticker Maker Whatsapp users to send their emotions in a more expressed manner the sticker maker is one of the best apps to express those emotions. Besides the GIFs and emojis now one can send the larger pictures of emojis as well as several sticker packs that exist there which can also be selected to send. One can also make their own designed customized stickers pack as well and can send them too. By designing their customized emoji one can send them to the WhatsApp to get them, in the same manner, to choose, as you do for the other packs.

Each pack contains 30 stickers but one can do this by designing 3 stickers in a pack. Top Free Android Apps The possibility to add or remove the emoji from the pack is also there. It’s the best smooth app for the Whatsapp lovers who like to have personalized emoji. Sending personalized emoji’s in a chat always makes them more appealing and fascinating to talk. So, enjoy your chats with the appealing sticker maker app.

Electronic Blue Mail

It’s one of the best Electronic Blue Mail android free apps for frequent email users. It’s really good to keep your emails in line as well as its email providers can provide great help in color customizing the organization’s emails, widgets, theming of the app and much more. This app can also provide the feature of blocking notifications during certain time durations. This is the best app to customize your email box to work easily and efficiently.


In this dynamic world, having updated apps are the requirement of today’s time. Top Free Android Apps By using several free apps one can have their smart android phone up to date as well as one can enjoy amazing features designed by the app developers for better productivity and performances. Choose free astonishing apps and enjoy the amazing content provided in them. Use free, feel free!

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