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Bulu Monster Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in Android
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UpdatedDecember 27, 2021
Requirements4.1 and up
DeveloperSigma Game Limited
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Free Download Bulu Monster Mod Apk (Free Shopping) 2021 For Android latest version 2021 this apk is a fully moded Bulu Monster Mod Apk you can download for free and working with a high-speed download.

Bulu Monster Mod Apk: a monster collecting game in Android Monsters are the main theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. Bulu Monster allows the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island. Sigma Game believes this app will stand out from all of the other monster games on the market as Bulu Monster puts the user fully in control.

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Bulu Monster Mod Apk

In this role-playing adventure game, the user must discover, capture, fight, and train one of the 150 monsters. Bulu Monster also allows the user to engage with friends and with other trainers online, enabling them to challenge their friends and other players of the game.

Bulu Monster was some eighteen months in the making; Sigma Game has ensured that the app is of the quality that users will have come to expect. The high quality animation, adventurous storyline, and the ability to challenge both friends and other users online adds to the exhilarating, high energy feel of this game.


  • Unlimited Bulu Points

(Use them even don’t have enough)


  • Massive Rewards

(you can receive infinite quest rewards as you want)

NOTE:  directly after finishing the tutorial, when reach to red box click on search, and choose done to get rewards, do more and more, to get massive rewards as you can, then click on close icon to continue your game.

Download Bulu Monster Mod Apk

Bulu Monster leads the user on a unique adventure that is not available on other monster games. As well as enabling the user to capture monsters, the user can train them, too, and this is what makes Bulu Monster different from the other games that can be found out there. Bulu Monster can be played both online and offline, allowing the user to play the game even without Internet access, making the game more versatile than most.

Bulu Monster Mod Apk

For ease of play, Bulu Monster has a one-hand touch control so no joystick is required, and it allows the user to be able to create the right balance between control and game playing. Another feature of Bulu Monster is the online shop. The shop allows users of Bulu Monster to access special purchase items and discounts as well as reading feedback from other users and engaging with other competitors on the online forum.

The app is free to download and has recently been made available via App World; it has been designed for the iOS platform.

Main Features

Bulu Monster is full of colorful, carefully animated monsters. The monsters come in different shapes and sizes and have been designed to be visually appealing to everyone who plays the game.
The colorful monsters included in this game are sure to keep everyone involved and engaged right until the end. The game also includes:

– A fun and an appealing storyline that allows the user to save their monster friend, Rania, as one of the quests
– 14 different fantasy maps to explore
– Challenge more than 50 NPC monster trainers
– Train a monster team
– Friend code system to allow the user to invite their friends to lay the game along with them, increasing the competitiveness and fun of Bulu Island.
– Collect more than 150 different monsters

Sigma Game always appreciates feedback and queries from its customers. If you have a query or feedback about our game then please contact us at [email protected] or find us on social media at: http://twitter.com/sigmagame or become a fan at: http://www.facebook.com/sigmagame

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Version Size Requirements Date
9.4.1 75M 4.1 and up 24/01/2023
8.4.0 75M 4.1 and up 01/07/2022
8.3.0 75M 4.1 and up 19/04/2022
7.4.1 75M 4.1 and up 08/09/2021
7.4.1 75M 4.1 and up 25/01/2021
7.4.1 75M 4.1 and up 11/01/2021

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