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Carnal Contract MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

0.7 Ep. 7
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0.7 Ep. 7
Jan 5, 2024
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Carnal Contract MOD APK Download: Following the loss of your father and the revelation of an immense debt, you step into the shoes of a young man from a formerly rich household, feeling responsible for the ones he cares about the most.


1. Ported to Android

Carnal Contract MOD APK Download

What was supposed to be a simple summer break takes an unexpected twist when he finds himself trapped in a strange game where he needs to fulfil challenges. Carnal challenges.

Playing as the main character, you will quickly feel the game’s unsettling influence on your closest relationships, and how it is slowly, but surely, trying to corrupt your mind. Will you give in to your desires? Where does the game come from? What is its origin and motive?

You yearn to discover its secrets, but the constant sensation of being watched only adds to the intrigue.

The narrative purposefully places you in challenging situations that force a deeper introspection into your motives. As the creator of your destiny, you encounter someone manipulating you into dangerous challenges for their own entertainment. With a loved one drawn into the fray, your moral compass clashes with your lust, muddling your choices.

Once you understand that the danger might be even closer than you thought, an unexpected heroic role comes up—will you rise to the occasion and save her in time?

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