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UpdatedJan 30, 2024


Carnal Stories MOD APK Download: is collection of visual novels with various graphics from realistic to hentai with exciting storyline containing mix of s3x, adventure and humor.

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1. Premium Choices dosn’t decrease Currency
needs amount

Carnal Stories MOD APK Download

Hunter – You are a brave mercenary who never misses an opportunity to seduce a beautiful girl.  Once you find yourself on the doorstep of a mysterious estate, where a truly hot night awaits… But who is the mysterious mistress of the estate really?

Big Salami – You are a former military man with combat experience and a large penis. Once you rescue a girl from trouble and find yourself in a world of danger, rampant sex and crime.

Bootyblower – You are a detective who is assigned a very strange and confusing case. Interrogate girls using secret sexual interrogation tactics to advance your investigation.


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0.9508 267.3 MB - 26/03/2024
0.9504 267.3 MB - 29/01/2024