Crimson MOD APK- Unique blend of Wallpapers (Premium Unlock)

Crimson is a unique blend of wallpapers designed for your home screen!
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UpdatedNovember 25, 2021
Requirements4.4 and up
DeveloperHash Studios Inc.
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Crimson MOD APK Download: is a unique blend of wallpapers designed for your home screen! It features 325+ walls, organized in 6 collections, each focusing on something unique and different.

Mod Info?

  • Premium Wallpaper Unlock.
  • No Need To Google Login Required For Access Wallpaper.
  • In-App Billing Service Removed / Disabled.

Crimson MOD APK

Each wallpaper is at least 2000×4000, with some going up to 6000×12000 pixels!

🖼New walls are added each week, and they come straight up to your device, so there is no updating or any hassles. Just pure art for your device.

This collection focuses on vector art landscapes, with each being different. No two walls from this collection will be the same, and these are all coming from the head of @LiquidatorAB, so they are pure exclusives!

This collection features some brilliant artwork made by @codenameakshay, with a theme based on pixels, noise, gradients, and distortion. You will find the most unique/never-seen-before walls in this collection, ranging from minimalistic gradients to some extraordinaire with pixel sorting.

This collection brings you some 3D/2D wallpapers made with Blender. These are pretty unique in themselves, and you gotta see it yourself to believe. From beautiful landscapes to textures this pack brings it all.

Anything that is based on typography is put here. Be it minimal or abstract, this collection, which is a beautiful brainchild of @codenameakshay, contains them.

This collection focuses on all those liquid, fluid fans. It features some of the best liquid wallpapers you will ever see, and I mean that. It does also feature some distorted wave ones if you are into that.

The best mezzotint, mesh gradients end up here. They have the perfect noise and blend of colours, plus they are vectors, so they are of the best resolution so no matter what phone you use, it always looks the best. Each one is created by an old HP mouse and crazy hands of @LiquidatorAB.

But what if you are not a minimal fan?
Then you are in for a treat! This collection contains some of the most ludicrously abstract walls made by us.
P.S.- Each wall is made with coffee and Photoshop.

The best walls, that we make, that don’t belong to any other collection, end up here. This features some unique saw wave gradients, ocean wallpapers & more!

Also, these walls are best served hot, with Elara KWGT. Get it here –

🤝Thanks to Max Patchs for this amazing icon.
🤝Also, big thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva for the Frames dashboard.

Please note that the wallpapers previews are of lower quality, to increase loading speed. The downloaded/applied wallpaper will always be the max quality version because even we can’t stand sub-par quality stuff.

Also, you won’t be able to download any wallpapers until 3 hours after the install of this app. This is done to prevent piracy and misuse of our wallpapers so please don’t leave a bad review for this.

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