Deal To My Heart MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download

Deal To My Heart MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download


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January 22, 2022
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Deal To My Heart MOD APK Download: By a stroke of luck, you manage to get a job as a casino dealer on Aurum, the newest ship by Durst Cruises, straight out of high school. On your first day, you have a run-in with the infamous Chad Sterling and watch him win game after game of Blackjack at your table.

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>Free Premium Choices

Deal To My Heart MOD APK Download

The next morning, your boss Morgan discovers that someone cheated on your watch, and unless you can find the culprit, you’ll be fired!
You enlist the help of your friend who works on the ship, Theo, to aid in your investigation, but nothing could prepare you for what you uncover…

◇◇You can play through the whole game for free!◇◇
◇◇Alter the story with your choices and win over the man of your dreams.◇◇
◇◇This is an interactive romance visual novel with high stakes, intriguing mysteries, and three unconventional heroes.◇◇
◇◇Take on the role of a young woman working as a casino dealer on a luxury cruise ship and watch as your life becomes intertwined with three handsome bachelors!◇◇


◆【Cold Benefactor】Chad
An assertive man who stops at nothing to get what he wants. He is notorious for loudly proclaiming his successes and tightly guarding his failures. Because getting on his bad side can spell certain trouble, he rarely has anyone standing in his way.
Of course, even he has a weakness…

◆【Caring Manager】Morgan
The confident and competent manager of Aurum’s casino. Over the years, he has garnered the respect and admiration of countless coworkers and employees due to his kind demeanor and forgiving leadership style. He is able to remain surprisingly calm in emergencies.
Well, most emergencies.

◆【Friendly Jokester】Theo
Your dorky friend from high school who has somehow managed to become a security guard aboard Aurum. He tries really, really hard all the time, or at least he claims he does, and yet more often than not he ends up causing more problems than he solves.
At least he’s good at wordplay.

As you make choices throughout the story, you’ll get to know these three men and learn about their hopes and fears. Which one will win you over?

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