Devil Kiss MOD APK: Romance otome game (Premium Choices)

Devil Kiss, a romance-interactive otome game with attractive angels and dangerous devils
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UpdatedSeptember 7, 2023
Requirements5.1 and up
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Devil Kiss MOD APK Download: a romance-interactive otome game with attractive angels and dangerous devils
is finally ready for Pre-registration!

Mod Info?

1. Free Premium Choices
Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests

Devil Kiss MOD APK Download

– Create your own love story with your choices and decisions!
– Be the heroine of the game. Go for the end to win the love!
– Over 200 choices full of fascinating illustrations and hidden events!
– The good and evil, whatever you want, go for his love!

😈😇 Plot

Spending your everyday life working as a part timer at a cafe,
wake up one day with a strange dream.
And you see a suspicious mark on your neck?

“It’s the devil’s mark…”

You’re about to lose your body to the devils!
And you find out that there are ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’ living right next to you?

You need to look for the devils to save your life,
Is it a crisis or a romance that’s slowly approaching you?

Lucydream’s new heavenly romance, Devil Kiss,
Enjoy the love game!

✨“Arthur”, the reliable and faithful flower shop boy.
💋“Han”, the chill and playful cafe owner.
✨“Cain”, the sad but charming businessman.
💋“Jay”, the one who always stays loyal to you.

The ending depends on your choices,
Go for the love and open all the episodes!

[😈😇 Devil Kiss is for those who..]

✔Want to enjoy an interactive otome game that’s romantic but also mysterious and dangerous!
✔Are looking for a love story game that’s not lame, and filled with choices of thrilling fantasy!
✔Want to collect all the secret endings with special episodes!
✔Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
✔Want to try an otome roleplay episode game with your own choices!
✔Love to play a dating otome interactive game with romantic fantasy stories!
✔Want to interact with attractive characters and achieve your love goal!
✔Like watching anime or manga about love stories and fantasy!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.4.2 88M 5.1 and up 26/03/2023
1.4.0 88M 5.1 and up 13/02/2023
1.3.0 88M 5.1 and up 27/11/2022
1.2.0 88M 5.1 and up 25/10/2022
1.1.6 88M 5.1 and up 03/10/2022

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