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UpdatedNov 11, 2023


Fall of the Angels MOD APK Download: After a series of events, we find the main character sent to Earth from his home world of Elysium. He then awakens and finds himself in an unfamiliar house where some girls took him in to recover. With no knowledge of how he ended up there, he begins to investigate ways of returning home.

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Fall of the Angels MOD APK Download

He quickly realizes that many girls slowly become fond of him; he even realizes how devastated the world was many years ago. and while he wants to be able to find a way back home, he can’t help but making sure that those around him are also taken care of… As only a few weeks go by, his life has been completely different from how he used to live back home. He begins to really struggle on the idea of returning home, knowing something far more sinister is in the works for Earth…

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