Fog Hospital Mod Apk (Escape game) (GOD MODE)

Fog Hospital (Escape game)
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Size93.9 MB
UpdatedNov 12, 2023
Requirements4.1 and up
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Fog Hospital Mod Apk: This game focuses on stories, room escape & horror It’s not cruel or Gore style. graphics, controls, story line all are really good, the game is also scary as well TvT. Its adventure games, and its pretty cool and scary.

Mod Info?


17 languages ​​have been added.
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文, Tiếng Việt, Português, ไทย
bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Français, русский, Deutsche
Türk, Español, svenska, عربى, Nederlands

◆There may be a translation error.
◆ Depending on the phone specifications, the game may be slow or may not run.
◆ Ghost mode has been added for beginners.
However, ghost mode may reduce the fun.

This game focuses on stories, room escape, and horror.
It’s not cruel or Gore-style.

  • A password-locked door has a hint around it.
  • Remember the sound of her footsteps approaching.
  • Escape from hospital after collecting five clues.
  • Run away or hide so she can’t find it.

Don’t get caught by her. Good luck.

Note of Caution
The game is generally dark.
We don’t recommend playing games where there is a lot of light.

Please turn down the Cellphone’s volume properly.
will drop the Cellphone, so surprised.
Good luck…

Six years ago, there was an old Marrow Hospital that was not well known to people.
There was a big lake near the hospital, so it was often foggy.
So people even called the hospital a fog hospital.
The hospital was experimenting with a variety of people it shouldn’t.
The head nurse who was helping with her work had suffered a lot of guilt.
In the end, there was an incident in which he went crazy and killed everyone in the hospital, and himself committed suicide.
And now six years later, a rumor has started circulating on the Internet that the head nurse is still alive.
The reporter goes to the fog hospital to dig up the fact.

Is she alive?

Developer bubbleplay
▶App and questions, further contact, and suggestions as [email protected].
I’ll answer as soon as possible to check.

◆ It may not work on some low-end phones.
◆ This game will store data on the device, so save data will be deleted when you delete the game.

◆ If you can’t run after installing the game, try this.
◇ solution
1. Update Google Play.
2. Set up your device → Application → Google Play Store → Storage → Delete data and cache
3. If that doesn’t work, delete the game, Please run and install item 2 again.

◆ authority Information
◇ Essential access authority
1. Request storage privileges for screenshot storage.
I’m not using it for anything else, so feel safe.

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