Greedy Wizards MOD APK :Battle Games (God Mode/Move Speed Multiplier)

Greedy Wizards MOD APK :Battle Games (God Mode/Move Speed Multiplier)

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UpdatedNov 7, 2023
DeveloperWildlife Studios
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Greedy Wizards MOD APK Download: Magical Game Show Dungeon Crawler! Dive into a magical game show as a wizard! Team up, battle swarms, grab loot, and level up in our enchanting dungeons!

Table of Contents

Mod Info?

✶ God Mode
✶ Move Speed Multiplier

Key Features:

3-Player Co-op Multiplayer: Team up with friends and face waves of foes. How much loot can you grab?
Character Collection & Upgrades: Power up and customize your wizards. Unleash your magical potential!
Streaks, Competitions & Revival: Ride on your winning streak, engage in epic competitions and use the EGP for timely revivals.
Regular Dungeon Levels: Co-op PVE action! Clear levels, defeat enemies, and earn bonus tokens.
Bonus Rounds: It’s a Free-For-All! Dive in, grab as much as you can, and bag stellar rewards.

Why Greedy Wizards?

Embark on a thrilling journey in the world’s most magical game show! Team up with fellow wizards, upgrade your arsenal, and embark on epic dungeon raids. Whether you’re conquering challenges in co-op or snagging treasures in bonus rounds, endless magic, fun, and adventure await. Download Greedy Wizards now and become the star of the show!

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