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HoleHouse MOD APK Download: They are currently understaffed and looking for workers, however you will have to prove yourself if you’re going to become a full time member. There’s only a few girls working here at the moment but over time i’m sure you’ll be able to convince more to come wether its for money, satisfaction or some other twisted reason. Along the way you will need to upgrade the House and learn how to charm more luxury women. 


1. Ported to Android.

HoleHouse MOD APK Download

Over the long haul i’ll be working on adding lots of new fun stuff which you’ll all have a say in. Some of the ideas so far are:

  • Third Floor – This will be a rooftop bar where you can go to get some drinks along with some other fun scene’s.
  • Unique Character Outfits – I will be adding some of each characters unique outfits to all their scenes to give them more off a different feel to the other character’s in the game.
  • Different. Body Types – This is following on from the one above but i’m hoping to have 3-4 different body types to make every character feel as unique as possible.
  • Finish On Different Places Of The Body – My main plan is to have it so you can click exactly where you would like to finish to give people more freedom and it could also lead to some fun scene’s.
  • Taking Girl’s On Date’s – This will be a cool way to get some more dialogue into the game and can also end with a unique scene for every girl.
  • Change Speed Of Scene’s – There will be 3 speeds to set to start with (Slow, Normal, Fast). If i can figure out a way to add a slider so you can pick your exact speed i will
  • Ability To Upgrade Each Room – This will let you fully customise the way your house looks room by room.
  • Specific Feet Scene’s – I know a lot of people would like to see this so i thought i could devote some time to some specific scene’s
  • More In Depth Systems – This could be for outfits, loyalty etc, Basically anything in the game at the moment can be made more in depth and immersive to make it feel like your really living it.
  • Management for the Girl’s – Each girl will get her own room which you can customise where you can choose to send them on tasks or other things you’d like them to do

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