Ice Scream 8 MOD APK :Final Chapter (No Ads)

The long-awaited finale of the Ice Scream saga is here!
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UpdatedDec 18, 2023
DeveloperKeplerians Horror Games
Released onDec 15, 2023
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Ice Scream 8 MOD APK Download: The long-awaited finale of the Ice Scream saga is here! Help the group of friends escape once and for all from Rod’s factory and put an end to this frosty nightmare.

Explore and rediscover classic factory locations. Help the group of friends solve puzzles and overcome terrifyingly fun mini-games to escape while running away from Rod and Evil Nun.
Discover an adventure full of puzzles, chases and mysteries perfect for both new players and veterans of the saga.

Mod Info?

You can get hints without watching ads.

Ice Scream 8 MOD APK Download

After rescuing Lis from the lab, all the friends are finally reunited in the control room. But the happiness doesn’t last long, because Rod has discovered Charlie and has followed him to the control room, where they are locked in. Now they must find a way out of the control room and come up with a plan to escape from the factory once and for all.

★ New checkpoint system: progress through the game by completing different objectives and save your progress to continue your adventure whenever you want.
★ Multiple villains: besides Rod and his helpers, you will have to face other enemies such as Evil Nun, Franken-Boris or Mati.
★ Fun puzzles: Solve clever puzzles to reunite with your friends.
★ Mini-games: Complete the most fun puzzles included in this chapter in the form of mini-games.
★ Own soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with unique music to the rhythm of the saga and voices recorded exclusively for this game.
★ Explore new and old locations: Revisit the different areas of the factory and discover the secrets that remained hidden.
★ Hint and quest system: If you get stuck, you have at your disposal a complete step-by-step guide so you always know what to do next.
★ Speak with your friends: Discover the history of the characters through their conversations.
★ Different difficulties: Play at your own pace and explore without risk in ghost mode, or take on Rod and his helpers in different difficulty levels that will test your skill.
★ A terrifyingly fun game suitable for everyone!

If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, terror and fun, play “Ice Scream8: Final Chapter” now. Action and scares are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
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