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Isekai Awakening MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Aug 27, 2023
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Isekai Awakening MOD APK Download: aims to feature a lot of sexual content, I want the gameplay to be engaging and unique so every character has their big moments and wouldn’t bore you with unnecessary content. You’ll be able to interact with various females throughout your journey,

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Ported to Android

Code of Extreme Content: 1930

Isekai Awakening MOD APK Download

and their attitude towards you and their storylines will depend on your treatment of them. As this is an adult game and the Disease we’re dealing here is no joke so, expect extreme content to occur! The game is in 2D, Pixel Art, based on the RPG Maker MZ game engine.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.045 Public 249.2 MB - 09/03/2024
0.94.5 192 MB - 26/10/2023
1.5 110.8 MB - 08/07/2023
1.48 110.8 MB - 24/06/2023
1.43 110.8 MB - 30/05/2023
1.35 110.8 MB - 03/05/2023