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English translation of the otome game released in Japan.
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August 20, 2021
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Isekai Darling MOD APK Download: English translation of the otome game released in Japan. Currently, only the Oruteo route is translated into English and published. We’re looking for support from Kickstarter, so please help.

Mod Info?

  • Free purchases for real money;
  • Removed advertising display.

Isekai Darling MOD APK

After stepping on a mysterious magic circle, the heroine lands in a world of swords and magic.
She is faced with many problems,
starting from a sword being pointed at her by a scary looking knight,
to getting involved in an assassination of the crown prince.

Making full use of her power that blossomed in the isekai, such as the power to use
recovery magic, the heroine spends 3months in the isekai till she’s able to get back to
the original world, with great positivity―

It’s an exhilarating, heart-pounding isekai love fantasy.

(Because the world of the main character and the people of the isekai are genetically
complementary, the heroine looks attractive to the handsome guys in the isekai,
and therefore you’ll be able to play and enjoy the game easily)

The Characters

◇The heroine(※You will be able to change the name freely. The default name is “Yuna”.)
A girl who works hard and tries to look ahead, no matter what the situation is like.

◇Arnest Warrior(CV:五十嵐優樹)
The crown prince whose life is being targeted.
He tends to prioritize people over himself.

◇Oruteo Landorus(CV:神崎智也)
He is a knight and the captain of all guards.
He also serves to protect the crown prince personally.
He doubts that the heroine is from a different world and does not trust her.

◇Laetisium Warrior(CV:緋乃司)
A spiritless second prince.
He doesn’t seem to be very interested in the heroine.

The court sorcerer of unknown age.
He is interested in other worlds and is very friendly to the heroine.

◇Maximilian Warrior(CV:夏目桂輔)
The third, and shota-prince.
Since he has only older brothers, he calls the heroine “sister”.

゚+o。。o+゚● Basic Information ●゚+o。。o+゚

【Title】Isekai Darling
【Genre】Otome game
【Price】Installation is free & it’s basically free to play. (Some items are charged)

Prologue+25 Main Chapters+Epilogue
The main story and epilogues are individual for each target
Each chapter contains 5 stories

Every day, up to 5 stories are free = You can read 1 chapter a day!
Every day you will receive a login bonus!
If you watch the advertisement video and receive coins,
you will be able to complete the game without any charges!
A popular, free romance app for women! (Men are free to play too, of course!)

Useful Features

・Scenario skipping (fast-forwarding)
・Auto read mode
・The volume of BGM, SE, Voice can be adjusted
・Showing the face of the heroine is optional
・Scenario logs (scenes with voices can be replayed from the log history)
・Option for reselecting a choice or reconfirming (it will consume an item when you reselect)
・Re-read a scene you already read (you will need to consume 1ticket per scene)

In addition, the beautiful standing pictures’ eyes and lips will move.
(In areas with voices, their lips will sync to the voices)

If you are even slightly interested, you can play it for free until the end, so please download it!

We made it possible for users to play till the end without any charges by displaying advertisements!
Advertising revenue and billing revenue will be used to reward casts, graphic artists, scenario writers and will also be used for operating expenses such as server charges and communication costs.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation to continue our activities in the future as well.

Even if there is a bug report, confirmation may delay, and information such as user IDs may be insufficient to respond.
Please contact us by describing the specific areas from the inquiry section of our app.

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