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UpdatedNov 3, 2023
Developeromona games
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Lost Shadow MOD APK Download: Epic Conquest In the lost story of time, there was a war between Humans and Dragons. The brave souls fought valiantly, but at the end of the day, only dark shadows remain as the Dragon’s claimed Victory. Many Brave souls were lost that day.

Mod Info?

1. Unlimited Currency
*increase when you spent

Lost Shadow MOD APK Download

The price of war was even worse, as the darkness reigns supreme,
Dragons and it’s evil Minion’s devouring every light in this world leaving nothing but darkness.
But, where there is despair, there is always hope.
One thousand years later since the War.
There has been a rumor among the survivors about a Knight.
A Knight who has just arrived from the shadows.
A Knight, who is about to starts its epic journey in saving the mankind.
A Knight who is brave enough to bring back the lost light.
The valiant Knight embarks on a dangerous epic journey to become the Dragon Slayer.
But this brave Knight cannot travel alone.
The Knight needs your guidance and support!
Download now to help the Knight’s epic journey of saving the World!

The Best Hit Satisfaction! Hack and Slash adventure Action RPG!
Experience the true hack and slash action RPG with this dark fantasy world.
Feel the top-notched action by combining simple and easy controls such as, attack, skill, run, jump, and dash. Hack and slash your way through the top!

Fantastic epic story of adventure!
Start your epic journey in searching for the lost light.
Hack and slash your way and discover through the different environments of the world.
Battle against various Dragons’ and its evil minions!
Join yourself in this immersive endless world of fantasy.
Hack and slash your enemies! Show them no mercy!

Spectacular Equipment and Items
Collect hundreds of weapons, armor, and runes and use them to hack and slash your enemies!
Gather gears to make your own unique epic shadow Knight.
Enhance and various equipment’s to achieve the best combat power!

Endless Growth
Growth can be continued, in this epic journey both when you are playing and when you don’t.
By clearing the stage, acquire rewards such as gears, materials, and runes to upgrade and become stronger than anyone else.
You can unlock skills by leveling up and Hack and slashing Dragon’s and its evil minions.
Use these powerful skills to defeat the Boss!
Hack and slash your foes!

Card System
You can acquire magical cards during battle.
Cards are endowed with various magics that increase attack power, defense, and recovering stamina.
These cards can be activated the moment you choose.
Choose cards wisely and strategically to win more difficult battles.

Various Missions and Rewards
Various epic quests exist, receive rewards by completing them.
These obtained rewards are essential for growth and item crafting.
Also, discover hidden missions to earn more rewards.

Best Action RPG Shadow Knight! Become an epic Dragon Slayer!
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