Monster Kick MOD APK- Casual Soccer (UNLOCKED THEME)

Monster Kick MOD APK- Casual Soccer (UNLOCKED THEME)


Monster Kick is simple, easy to play, very intuitive and responsive control, which give user exciting football experience.
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Monster Kick Game
February 4, 2021
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Monster Kick MOD APK Download: is simple, easy to play, very intuitive and responsive control, which give user exciting football experience. In this football game, the opponent in our game are monsters. They have magical powers. The monsters will upgrade during the progression of the game.

Mod Info?


Monster Kick MOD APK Download

Although powerful, each monsters have their own weakness, like the bat cannot fly in straight line, the pig easily distracted by food, and the knight is very clumsy when running fast. You can explore their weakness during the gameplay to beat them.

There are 5 world in this game, each world has its own monsters and have different type of obstacles. For example, cactus in desert will stick to your ball, and giant snow ball in Iceland will rollout from hill.


* Fun football game
In middle ages monster kingdom, the king held a football match. All the people, animals, and of course, monsters are very excited to join this match. But football is rather a new sport to them, they have all different funny way to participate in this football match. You are one of the participant in this match, can you win them ?

* Epic Monsters Characters
Have you imagine compete with dragons, wolf and three-head snake in a football match? I cannot believe this! Be aware of their magical power. In the beginning, the monsters are very cute and funny, but when they grow up, they will become more powerful and swift. Dragon can fly, wolf can walk like a human and snake will grow into three-head creature, scary though, there are totally 40+ monsters and animals you have to compete with. Try your imagination to defeat them.

* Addictive and Challenging Game Play
This game give you exciting football experience. You will get used to the control very soon, and then you will able to play all different tricks and technique very easily, like quick turn to avoid enemies, kick over obstacles and so on. The game play is addictive, once you master the techniques of maneuver the balls, you will enjoy the challenges from different kind of monsters and try your best to defeat them.

* 5 Worlds 200 Levels
Game start from middle ages village where animals and villagers love playing football. As your skill advanced, you will enter the mysterious forest, deadly desert, freezing Iceland and dark dungeon. In each theme there will be different kind of monsters and animals wait for you. Make sure you have collect enough star to unlock each theme.

* 40+ upgradeable balls, with skins and magics
Want more fun? You must try all different kind of balls in this game. Some of the balls have magical power that you can use to defeat monsters. Freezer ball can stop enemies from moving for a while. Spider web ball can spawn out spider web during movement. Also there is bubble ball which can trap enemies by floating bubbles, doesn’t it fun?

How to Play
Player collects coins, and stars during the gameplay. Coins are usually easy to find, while stars are more difficult. In order to collect all the coins and stars, player have to explore the whole map to find it, sometimes even need to use imagination to solve the problems while avoiding tackled by opponents.
There is a shop, where coins and gems can be use to purchase ball skins. With coins, player can purchase ball with different skins. While using the gems, player can purchase ball with special power.
Collecting star is required to unlock the next world.

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