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UpdatedJanuary 22, 2022


My Apartment Romance MOD APK Download: You can enjoy this game until the end for free!! This is a ‘Romance App Drama’ of you and the charming girls living in the apartment!! You are the hero! You become the caretaker of an apartment and experience romantic relationships with the girls living there!!

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>Free Premium Choices

My Apartment Romance MOD APK Download

In an unexpected turn of events, you became the caretaker of an apartment.
You then met the charming girls living there.
Various troubles arise at the apartment the girls are living at…water pipes bursting, water flooding rooms, and the shower not working…
Your bond with the girls strengthens as you help resolve their problems…and finally!?
Enjoy a heartwarming and day-to-day love story that is set in and revolves around an apartment!


(Age: 19 Height: 5’ 35”)
A tenant who is a little strange and naturally innocent.
She is a laid back person and the type who does not react to any sort of problems.
She is not good with lightning as she has lost her family to a typhoon in the past.
She is a freelance artist so that may be reason why she is good at drawing.

(Age: 21 Height: 5’ 48”)
A tenant who is genuine and serious like a big sister.
She is great at taking care of others, proactively goes out to get stuff for others, and listens to everyone’s troubles.
She is good at cooking as she is a chef and dreams of opening her own restaurant in the future.

(Age: 23 Height: 5’ 25”)
A tenant with a hot and cold personality.
She runs her own company, and although she is lively and has a strong attitude, she softens up to specific people.
She has not been in a relationship with any good guys so far and does not dream of being in a relationship.

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