My Bitter Sweet Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Bitter Sweet Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 22, 2022
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My Bitter Sweet Romance MOD APK Download: You are a girl working at Indigo Café. One day, four handsome brothers came to the shop saying that they need a job. Mr. Shelton, the owner of Indigo Café, hires them immediately. No one knows anything about the brothers, and they never talk about themselves at all.

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My Bitter Sweet Romance MOD APK Download

One night, the brothers tell you about their secret. They come from a faraway planet called Kahawa, where their father is king.
In their land, coffee is very important. People produce a special magical sort of coffee that they must drink at every meal or they soon become sick and die.
A month ago, a meteor hit their planet and caused severe damage, including destroying their fields of coffee bushes.
The brothers say that they need to find the special coffee plant on earth, and they need your help. Their story surprises you, but you eventually agree to help them.

Can you and the brothers find the plant?
What will happen to you and handsome brothers?
Let’s find out with a cup of coffee!

Resso (Espresso) 167cm
Responsible eldest brother who always thinks about his brothers first. He has complex about his height, but he’s still cute.

Ricano (Americano) 178cm
Romantic second brother. He knows how to make things romantic. He dreams of a life filled with love and treats you like a princess.

Cino (Cappuccino) 173cm
Cheerful third brother. He thinks that he should always enjoy life. Some would say he’s just flirting with girls, but it’s just his way of making everyone happy.

Mocha (Cafe-Mocha) 180cm
Cool fourth brother. He dislikes women because he was teased as a young boy for his girlish appearance. He kept eating chocolate, milk, and fresh cream to be taller, and now he’s the tallest of the brothers.

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