My Cat Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download

My Cat Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download


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January 22, 2022
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My Cat Girlfriend MOD APK Download: You work part-time at a cosplay cafe and your co-workers turn out to be cat girls! You are the protagonist of your story! Enjoy romantic situations with these cute cat girls!

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>Free Premium Choices

My Cat Girlfriend MOD APK Download

Walking along the road one day, you come across a weakened kitten.
Worried, you hurry to take the kitten to a clinic for care.
The next day, you receive a flyer calling for part-timers at a local cafe from a cute girl (Louise) and begin to work at that cafe.
You get used to work with the help of Louise and your other co-workers – Lily and Miku.
One night, Louise attempts to seduce you!
But, what’s this?! Louise has CAT EARS?!
This is a heartwarming and lively story of your life working alongside these cute cat girls!


[The Gorgeous Tsundere/ Maine Coon Cat] Louise
Louise is the face of the cafe! After being helped by you, she offers you a job at the cafe. As a Maine coon cat, she has a beautiful vivid fur coat. She is very prideful and has a tsundere side to her. Although she is very prideful and does not readily accept others, once you gain her trust, Louise will show you her cute true feelings!

[The Cheerful Lolita/ American Shorthair Cat] Lily
Lily is the new cat in the cafe and has a bit of a childish side. She’s a very energetic American shorthair cat. Due to her outgoingness, she gets along with most everybody instantly! Because she is so lively, she is also very popular among the cafe customers!

[The Popular and Easygoing/ Ragdoll Cat] Miku
Miku is the “older sister” cat of the bunch. She is very calm and collected and has an air of maturity about her. She’s a ragdoll cat with a shapely figure. Customers love her because she is easy to talk to, and they feel as though they are refreshed after having spoken to her.

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