My Forbidden Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Forbidden Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 26, 2022
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My Forbidden Romance MOD APK Download: An unhappy married life that only grows worse by the day. 3 men are here to bring an exciting change to your life! The protagonist lives a life with her husband in which they only go through the motions of being husband and wife.
Her daily life is bland and unhappy.

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My Forbidden Romance MOD APK Download

One day, the protagonist has a one night stand with a man she meets at a nearby bar.
She knows that she has betrayed her husband but does not feel as much regret as she should.
The protagonist begins to work at a publishing company in order to start fresh.
However, the president of said publishing company begins to make advances on the protagonist and she falls into a relationship with him.
On top of all this, a handsome gym instructor comes into the picture as well…
Thus, the curtain rises on a new and exciting adventure.


【Cool Car-Dealer】Mario
A young business man the protagonist meets at a bar.
The young man who opens the door to the protagonist’s new life.
He is actually married with a child but his family members do not get along with each other.
His wife’s actions border on domestic violence, and he has lost confidence due to her constant abuse.
Through his relationship with the protagonist he begins to regain his confidence.

【Arrogant Company President】Shane
The protagonist’s boss at the publishing company, arrogant and somewhat narcissistic.
Interviews the protagonist himself, and becomes interested in her the minute he lays eyes on her.
Charismatic and popular with girls.
He has a tendency to play around with women but learns to be faithful to one person after falling in love with the protagonist.

【Mature Instructor】Elias
The owner and an instructor at the gym that the protagonist visits.
He has a calm and collected personality, as well as a toned body.
Usually not one to meddle in people’s affairs, he falls immediately for the protagonist and begins to make advances on her.
He has never assertively approached a woman before and through this experience becomes a more cheerful person.

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