My Hotel Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Hotel Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 22, 2022
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My Hotel Romance MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose. You can enjoy this game until the end for free! Every choice you make matters and can change everything!

Mod Info?

>Free Premium Choices

My Hotel Romance MOD APK Download

You got proposed by three handsome men at the same time!
Who would you choose?

You used to help out at your father’s hotel as a hotelier.
However, your father fell ill one day and appointed you to be the next hotel manager.
But there is a condition. You have to get married to someone first!

You live your life with three husband-to-be candidates and are being wooed by three sexy men at the same time.
What would be the ending to this dangerous-adult romance of yours?

【Kouga Inagami】
Your ex who suddenly went to study abroad in America.
He studies at a hospitality institution and appears in front of you as a fiance candidate after becoming a professional manager.
A confident man of great pride.

【Souta Miyoshi】
Your childhood friend who is also the only son of the owner of a competitor hotel to which you work at.
A gentle and kind young man.

【Ritsuki Himuro】
Your hotel manager who has been working with you for years. He was not a candidate to begin with but decides to join in voluntarily.
A cool and dependable colleague.

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