My Pure Boyfriend MOD APK (Русский) (Free Premium Choices)

My Pure Boyfriend MOD APK (Русский) (Free Premium Choices)


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January 26, 2022
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My Pure Boyfriend MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose” is a romance app where you develop a love story between beautiful characters. The main character is you, of course! You transform into a Teacher and enjoy a love relationship with your students!!

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>Free Premium Choices

My Pure Boyfriend MOD APK Download

“Do you really think that….a girl can fall in love with you?”

It’s been a few months since I started working here and I’ve been nicknamed “Love Tamer”. I still teach. Masochists – students love me for some reason.
I lecture them about love day in and day out, but my hobby is… romantic games or “Otome Games”. I’m not interested in real men. Because none of them can beat the 2D world no matter how good or rich they are.
However… That doesn’t mean I’ve always been like this, from the very beginning.
I’m just tired of relationships with real men. Learning to let go is sometimes more important.
Yes, it started that day.
Because it was on that day that I started working at the academy.

◆【Stupid genius, narcissistic narcissist】
Hiro Saeki
Height: 5’7, Age: 28

“Don’t fall in love with me. Ah, it looks like you’re already…”

Foreign investment bank dealer.
Appearance, check. Intelligence, verification. Career, check. … The personality is terrible.
He sincerely believes that the world revolves around him.
Always separate bills. (Using coupons is a must!) He drives a nice sports car, but he never picks you up or takes you home after a date.
His ex, who told him about this academy, said: “If you want to know why I left you, go to this academy!”
He decided to think, “What the hell is she saying? Well, if it makes me an even sexier guy, why not?”

◆Absolute zero. Handsome Disappointment
Junichi Kusamoto
Height: 5’9 Age: 34
“I’ve never been on a date with a girl before. Because………”

Director of a huge publishing company.
Many women love him for his good looks and his competence……… However, he doesn’t seem to care at all.
Something seems to have happened in the past in his relationships with women and his communication skills towards women are surprisingly low.
He learned about the academy at work and enrolled, hoping that the main character would help him overcome his trauma.

◆ The sad soloist. Terrible tidy
Toshiaki Kanade
Height: 5’4 Age: 20

“Oh, uh… uh… Sorry.”

Terrible neat man, accompanied by a butler.
He loves classical music and plays the violin.
He is a top notch violinist, but there is a reason why he only plays solo.
He has a too passive personality and lacks any passion in him.
His matchmaking always ends in failure, which is why his parents enroll him in this academy.
But he wants to change himself.

◆ Bishedza Hunter. SSS otaku class
Motohide Sakuraba
Height 5’5, Age: 26
“Great! Another +40 in my favor!”

A complete otaku who is in everything including: game, manga, anime, and figures.
He makes his living from his doujinshi (a magazine he personally publishes) and is very popular in the field.
Although he has original expressions and a peculiar fashion sense – he wears long, messy hair – he has good grades and an excellent technique for romantically interacting with women, as he has trained in games.
However, he has “zero interest in the 3D world”.
Then why did he enter this academy? He gives an absurd answer.
He is a very cheerful person, but…he has to defend himself.

You can choose a character to your taste!
… And which of them are you ready to teach the lessons of love?

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