My Twin Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

My Twin Romance MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 22, 2022
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My Twin Romance MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose Commemorative campaign of the release of ‘My Twin Romance’! All-you-can-read stories for a month without story tickets! Don’t miss this exclusive chance of enjoying the story until the end for free!

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>Free Premium Choices

My Twin Romance MOD APK Download

You have been living a hard life all this while trying to find a job.
One day, you were stopped by some delinquents on the road at night and was saved by a mysterious black-haired young man.
With his offer, you attended a celebrities’ party. When you were there, you helped a lady who spilled wine on herself and you were soon hired as a servant in that mansion.
At that moment, you were thrilled as you’re finally employed, but waiting for you in that mansion are various unexpected things that will happen between you and a pair of twins with very unique personalities…!

“A commoner like me can’t understand any of this! Is this how celebrities live?!”

Same faces but completely different personalities!
Your heart is wavered by being between these same two faces!
Where would you go from here…?


◆Haru【Narcissistic Actor/The Older Twin】

He’s a successful actor and is the older twin. He’s been in the industry for a long time since young, and is interested in the lives of commoners. He tries to go out alone in his free time but is always stopped by his servant.
He often asks Yuki who has the same looks as him to become an actor but is always rejected.

“Are you the new maid here? I’ll count on you to take care of my pet, Milk.”

◆Yuki【Producer of a Leading Brand/The Younger Twin】
He’s the younger twin. He is calm, cool and very passionate about his job. He has much pride and apart from the people he approves of, he is strict.
He usually works with his mother in the office.
The pet snake Haru raises, Milk, is very attached to him.

“Can a commoner like you not touch me so lightly?”

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