Package Disabler Pro (Samsung/Full Paid Version) All Android

Package Disabler Pro (Samsung/Full Paid Version) All Android

16.2 build 122
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16.2 build 122
October 22, 2021
4.0 and up
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Package Disabler Pro Apk: lets you disable any unwanted packages that come pre-installed/ installed with your phone. Simply one click on the package that you want to disable, will disable the package. Disabled application / package will not be uninstalled or updated using google play or any other means.

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Package Disabler Pro Apk

So this app can be used for blocking apps (e.g. Parental Controls) or business use cases, you could even disable google play store etc… without rooting the phone. This app also provides password / uninstall protection to avoid misuse.


Who has stopped working and Package Disabler Pro does not start, this instruction skips and changes the
license from another application.
The app works and it’s fine, you just need to do a little work!

1.Download Splashtop Add-on: Samsung (Knox)-from Play Store-
-Give all permissions and admin rights

2.Activate the Secure Folder (Settings / Biometrics and security / Secure Folder);

3.Activate installed application into it (Splashtop Add-on), provide admin rights, exit the Secure Folder;

4.Remove the installed application (Splashtop Add-on);

5.Delete the Secure Folder (Secure Folder / three dots at the top, on the right / Settings /
Advanced settings / Delete / Delete.)

6.Install and run Package Disabler Pro 15.2 b112-
– Allow permissions.

That’s it, it should work now.

Tested on s20 / s10 / A50 / A70 / A5
Tests successful!!!

  • No Rooting required.
  • You will have to remove all google accounts temporarily to activate this app then you can add back your accounts.
  • You will need to connect your device to PC once and run a command as listed below.
  • Uninstall within few hours to get automatic refund, if you are not happy with the app.

HOW to activate this APP

1) Remove all accounts from your device. Android settings->Accounts
2) Go to android settings on your device and enable “USB Debugging”
3) Connect your device to the PC with USB cable and open CMD prompt and run this command

Package Disabler provides an export/ import functionality to backup all disabled packages on your external storage which you can restore at any time.

Using the exported package list you can swiftly get rid of all bloatware after installing a new ROM or Factory reset. When wiping your phone’s data, you can export your package list to import it on your new ROM.

Full version features

  • Disabling and enabling any packages or apps unlimited
  • One click bloatware removal
  • Export your disabled list to the external storage to import them later
  • Batch operation to enable all disabled packages
  • Filter to show all disabled packages
  • Uninstall / password protection
  • Filter to show all installed apps
  • Filter to show all system packages
  • Quickly find apps using the search functionality


* If you have issues uninstalling apps, try Settings –> Security –> Device administrators, uncheck “package disabler admin”.

— This application requires Device Administrator permission [android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN]


Version Size Requirements Date
12.8 7.0M 4.0 and up 18/05/2022
12.0 7.0M 4.0 and up 09/12/2021