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Free Download Perhaps Mod Apk 1.1.9 (Unlimited Diamonds) 2020 For Android latest version 2020 this apk is a fully moded Perhaps Mod Apk you can download for free and working with a high-speed download.

Perhaps Mod Apk

Perhaps Mod Apk: Make choices that matter and define your own exclusive reading experience at Perhaps. With romance, fantasy, horror and more, Perhaps is an interactive storybook app for you to make choices that matter, immerse yourself in thrilling moments, and fall in love with characters you can’t let go. Here, you are empowered to define your own life!

Perhaps Mod Apk

Perhaps Features

  • Customize your characters’ appearances as you wish!
  • Choose your own style and become the icon!
  • Immerse in the thrilling moments that may lead you into diverse paths and endings!
  • Fall in characters that you can’t let go!

Mod Features

Note: If you get a connection error on launch then just wait for it will auto load after some time, be patient.

Note: Your diamonds will be unlimited, you can buy whatever you want even if you do not have enough diamonds. AFTER you make a premium choice without having enough diamonds, the game will throw you an error and tell you to restart but when you do, the premium choice will have been selected and the story will continue.


Below the some topic of Perhaps related and chapters and more.

1. The Decade of Deep Love

Living with years of pathtic love, will I be able to survive a fatal illness and regain my happiness in this triangle?

2. Professor Obsession

Everything gets complicated when you fall in love with your Acting Professor. What will you sacrifice in the name of love?

3. I.N.D.R.A.

A love across time and realities, a love story where two lovers, bound by prophecy and fate, will be divided and reunited. Where will you choose to fight against the red king, run from wasteland marauders, destroy the malevolent A.I., or save your true love?

4. ‘Till Death

Wake up in an underground chamber, shackles on your ankle…Your best friend lying in front of you, a loaded gun between you two…Blood is the currency. The love game begins.

5. The CEO in My Destiny

Few lovebirds in campus can pass the test of time. Destiny takes him back to you years later; this time he becomes your boss…

6. Heartfelt Bond

You and your beloved escape from Montabella to explore the occult Moonlit Forest, where you guys are drawn into the goddess game…

7. Lovebot

You are offered a crazy, alluring contract: to date a sexy and flawless robot for a year, derailment forbidden. Your sweetest dream and worst nightmare begins. When the other cute guy appears, what kind of choices will you make……

More chapters and stories is coming soon.

How To Download

  • Click on the green download button.
  • Wait 10s Download link generated.
  • Two or More download links available.
  • Click anyone to download Mod Apk.
  • And install
  • Enjoy.


If you like this game and you are enjoying my headwork so please share it with your friends. Perhaps Mod Apk game have fully modded and customized. Download and enjoy high speed and without any problems.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.1.35 74M 4.4 and up 09/05/2021
1.1.29 74M 4.4 and up 06/04/2021
1.1.23 74M 4.4 and up 24/03/2021
1.1.19 74M 4.4 and up 12/03/2021
1.1.17 74M 4.4 and up 09/03/2021
1.1.11 74M 4.4 and up 13/01/2021

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