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Size157 MB
UpdatedJuly 25, 2021
Requirements6.0 and up
DeveloperNext Phase
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Raid Manager Mod Apk: is a 3D real-time Hack and Healing RPG. Play the role of a Healer and Raid leader with a Tank and three damage dealers to explore unique dungeons wrapped in a darkness.

New control system that ‘Never been before’.

There is a new control system built in the game.
This new control system gives you the similar experience as actually casting a spell and is optimized for screen touch devices.

Mod Info?

1. Unlimited Currency

New experiences and huge sense of accomplishment

As a healer and raid leader, heal and strengthen your raid members.
When you succeed in dungeons that seemed impossible,
It’s a sense of accomplishment and joy that’s a different level of experience than when attacking an enemy directly as a attacker.

Hero Collection & Countless Items

It offers a new way to collect fellow heroes and items and acquire in-game goods such as gold.

Smart AI Raid Members

Raid members move based on smart AI and understand the tactics needed for each Raid.
You can heal and revive your raid members. Even for Free!
The authority to decide whether they live or die is given only to you, so they are absolutely loyal to you.
Observing them will also bring new pleasures.

This is a Real Dungeon Raid

As soon as raid enter the combat, the chaos screen will unleash.
However, raid members will be moving according to their optimized tactics, so if you focus on healing them to be able to perform their tactics successfully, the ‘Great Completion’ is yours.

You can play without an internet connection.
Games automatically saved on the device will be deleted when the game is deleted.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.8.240 157 MB 6.0 and up 25/07/2021
1.8.186 157 MB 6.0 and up 06/01/2021