Rain Girls Idle MOD APK (Magical Girls) (Dumb Enemy)

The adventure of Rain, a girl who dreamed of becoming an adventurer!
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Size158.1 MB
UpdatedAug 28, 2023
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Rain Girls Idle MOD APK Download: The adventure of Rain, a girl who dreamed of becoming an adventurer! Rain has been cursed by the Witch of the North. Along with Getto the spirit, Rain begins an adventure to find the Witch of the North and lift her curse!

Mod Info?

✶ Dumb Enemy (cannot move)
✶ Acquire All Skills

Rain Girls Idle MOD APK Download

Meet companions during the adventure, break through stages and dungeons, and get stronger alongside them to remove Rain’s curse!

★ Game Features ★
▶ Collect cute & mighty companions!
Crush dozens of monsters at once with companions who have unique and powerful abilities!
The smashing impact will knock your stress away!

▶ Impactful battles with skill mix-ups!
Melee and ranged skill modes to make battles even more exciting!
Mix up various skills and deal mighty damage!

▶ Synthesize gear into higher grades! Infinite growth!
Combine an endless amount of gear and items into even more powerful gear!
Break through the stages and infinitely grow up with stronger, even more unique gear!

▶ Boss battles on a whole other level!
Giant and destructive bosses and dangerous mimics will gang up on you!
Demonstrate your control skills and defeat mighty bosses!

▶ The adventure continues even when the game is turned off!
The excitement never ends. Acquire resources and items even when you’re offline!
Grow even stronger and find the Witch of the North to lift the curse put on Rain!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.2.2 158.1 MB 7.0 25/10/2023