Royal Knight Tales MOD APK (MOD Menu/Damage Multiplier)

Royal Knight Tales MOD APK (MOD Menu/Damage Multiplier)


Just Released! (English only) (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l'anglais)
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4.5/5 Votes: 179
Ely Anime Games
October 26, 2021
7.0 and up
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Royal Knight Tales MOD APK Download: Just Released! (English only) (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l’anglais)
Connect to an online fantasy world, gather guardian knight heroes, train retinue troops, develop royal home castle, defeat epic bosses, and save the kingdom from chaos!

Mod Info?

  1. mod menu
  2. damage multiplier
  3. defense multiplier

Royal Knight Tales MOD APK

Royal Knight Tales is the new anime RPG game from the creators of the highly acclaimed Sword Fantasy Online.
No ads, 100% fun. This anime RPG game is in English but easy to understand.

Game Features:

👯 Beautiful Anime Heroes 👯
The leading princess can recruit dozens of girl knight heroes in this RPG. Each knight has their own set of skills, class, and retinue troops. Heroes can be recruited through completing their biography stages, friend points gacha summon and regular gacha summon. Every character is beautifully drawn in high quality anime style, if your love anime or cartoon art style, this is a must try!

⚔️ Heroes Lead Retinue into Battle ⚔️
Each knight hero has their unique retinue troops. Those loyal soldiers will follow and fight alongside their hero in battles. Their class will also match their heroes. Mage heroes will have mage type retinue, rider heroes will have mounted retinue, and demonic heroes will even have demon troops with them! In addition, retinues can be upgraded and evolved, initially those common Light Horse Riders could evolve into grand Pegasus Riders or even magnificent Dragon Riders based on your choice!

🐲 Tactical Gameplay 🐲
Use class countering and formation to tactically defeat your enemies. Mounted riders might be able to charge down sword and shield foot soldiers but spear soldiers can effectively defeat them. Mages can stand behind enemy formation can cause havoc to your troops if left unchecked, best use archers to snipe them down from afar!

💬 Online MMORPG Clans, Events and Chats 💬
You can join clan and earn great rewards through clan events daily. Co-op with other players to defeat clan bosses and earn weekly gifts. At higher level, your clan can even occupy castles that generate great benefits! Last but not the least, you are encouraged to chat with other players in the world chat or clan chat, please be civil though. 😉

💎 Daily Free Gems & Free to Play Friendly 💎
As in Sword Fantasy Online, we keep the game free to play friendly. There are plenty of way to earn Gems daily, the first time you clear a stage, from daily quests, login rewards etc. Login in to play every day is the way to advance fast! We believe players will naturally top up to support a game they love.

Android Version Requirement: Android 7.0(Minimum), Android 9.0+(Recommended)
System RAM: 3GB (Minimum), 4GB+ (Recommended)
Storage: The game is approximately 0.6GB download and a total of 0.8GB after install. Recommend having at least 2GB free before install so the device still has enough storage to run smoothly after.

Thanks for reading until the end, hope you enjoy the game!

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