Scary Granny Escape Neighbor MOD APK (DUMB ENEMY/NO ADS)

Scary Granny Escape Neighbor MOD APK (DUMB ENEMY/NO ADS)


Welcome to the Scary Granny Home Escape Neighbor
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July 14, 2022
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Scary Granny Escape Neighbor MOD APK Download: Let’s start the Scary Granny – House of Fear – Escape Chapter 2 is about a mysterious house that is processed by an evil granny and her kid. No one has seen this scary granny for so long. Some people have heard screams from the house. Evil Granny is an expert in black magic. She has kept the people in different rooms to escape them. Your aim is to release these your friend. You need to find a friend inside the granny house and make sure granny does not catch you. Otherwise, you will suffer the same.

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Scary Granny Escape Neighbor MOD APK Download

You can hide under the table and inside the wardrobe. You need to be quiet, there are traps in the house, If you will make some noise by dropping objects Granny will reach you. There might be some doors locked. You have to find keys to unlock them as well as a scary teacher. The game will start in the main hall where you are trapped in, you have to find out your friends that spooky room very quietly without the granny finding out. She is probably lurking around in the horror house, but she knows you’re in the haunted house of granny games. When you leave the room go to another room out to find the key to escape. With the help of the on-screen control, you can open the wardrobe and table to find the key. If by chance the spooky granny is near and you spot her you have to hide before she catches you. But if she catches you, you’re up for a huge punishment which may cost you your life. Be careful of mindless knocking and dropping things because the moment she hears the sound she’s going to immediately pop up and finish you!!!

You can survive through only as:

• Use the shotgun
• Hide in wardrobe
• kill the Granny
• Get the direction of granny on map
• Unlock the door through key and computer code.
• Use handsfree to hear the sound of granny sound.
• Avoid getting front of granny

So to escape from the horror house and the creepy scary granny quietly sneaks into all the rooms, find the key, hammer, and pin code.
Let’s install and enjoy!!

Features of Scary Granny Home Escape Neighbor:

• High-Quality 3D haunted escape house
• Scary background sound effects.
• Smooth and Easy Controls
• Collection of keys and hammer for unlocking the next missions.
• Direction map and Hints
• Addictive activity gameplay.

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