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UpdatedMay 06, 2024
Released onJan 24, 2024
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Secret Kiss with Knight MOD APK Download: Would you dare to betray with me? Unexpectedly meeting death during a mission, I am confronted by a mysterious voice And so, the voice offers me a shocking deal.

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Secret Kiss with Knight MOD APK Download

Can this daring mission and deal be successfully completed?
To survive, I must win both his heart and his body!
Only a kiss from him can save me!


Waking up from death, I see things that seem out of this world!

And a mysterious voice tells me,

If you want to return to your world, save Him
But I have no idea who He is!

Moreover, the royal palace I suddenly enter is even more deteriorated than I thought…
Eventually, I get entangled in a complicated and sticky web of relationships.

I witness a secret scene of the queen.
And to hide this fact, the queen and her lover begin to threaten my life!
To stop them, I propose to Him.

Who exactly is He that I need to save?
Can I fulfill the mysterious voice’s inquiry and return to my world?

I will now follow my heart and body rather than keeping up my images
-The cursed but irresistibly charming King

The grass looks greener on the other side~
– The slightly insane but irresistible Dark Mage

If it’s you, I can offer my purity..
– The stoic yet deeply romantic Knight

I’m willing to sacrifice my life for your happiness.
– The handsome Foreteller even behind the mask

[Recommended for]
– Adults seeking high-level, mature OTOME stories
– Fans of reincarnation, regression, and transmigration narratives with otome
– Arthurian Legends’s Fans who like otome
– Who like knight’s story
– Handsome male characters of otome game enthusiasts
– Fantasy romance otome enthusiasts
– Players who enjoyed otome games like ‘Love Pheromone’ and ‘Eternal Afterlife’


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.4 144.6 MB 5.1 05/02/2024
1.0.3 143.9 MB 5.1 30/01/2024

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