Space Colonizers MOD APK- The Sandbox (Unlimited Money)

Space Colonizers MOD APK- The Sandbox (Unlimited Money)

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June 14, 2022
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Space Colonizers MOD APK Download: Travelling and exploring in the vast universe, your spaceship approaches a new galaxy… All planets are destroyed here and aliens are all homeless and helpless. What happened?! You really want to do something for the aliens. You have landed and made short stays in many planets. Now you decide to stay here to build planets for the aliens!

Mod Info?

Can be purchased without enough material points

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Space Colonizers MOD APK Download

Space Colonizers The Sandbox is a simulation and strategy game with the theme of space construction. Your spaceship arrives in a galaxy, but all planets here are destroyed because of an explosion. Your main mission is to re-construct home for the aliens on the ruins/cores. To build planets, you need to collect matters, unlock environments and seek microbiology. The more resources you collect and level up, the more planets will be constructed. There is no doubt that the aliens will help you to build the planets together. You can also accelerate the speed of construction with the help of space station. Do not forget to explore with a spaceship to get more fuels for the space station!

Game Feature

* Idle and easy gameplay. Resources can be collected when you are offline.
* A way to know the essential resources for life.
* Unlock numerous alien cards and accelerate construction speed.
* A space station to speed up the process of building.
* A mining feature to get more resources and upgrade your spaceship.

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