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Star Mars MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Nov 22, 2023
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Star Mars MOD APK Download: You play as a nerdy guy, a little brave, a little cowardly, but going through life in a fair way. Once in a dangerous situation, you do what you think is right … as a result, you find yourself in a far, far away galaxy. Will you be able to survive and find happiness in this new world for yourself, or will you perish ingloriously, everything will depend on you.

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Ported to Android

Star Mars MOD APK Download

Galactic map – Visual Novel story progression – Dating sim and quest progression -Scene animation and mini games – Powered by Renpy Engine Planned Fetishes:

Harem( optional ) -Futa on male( avoidable ) -Male on futa( avoidable ) -Romance -Traditional S3x -Long Tongues -Voyarism -Big Dicks(Within a reasonable size) -Big Boobs(Within a reasonable size) -Anal -Virgin -Blow job -Aliens girls -Group s3x ( avoidable ) 

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