The House of Silence MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

The House of Silence MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 22, 2022
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The House of Silence MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose You can enjoy this game until the end for free! Make different choices to change the story and win the girl of your dreams. This is an interactive romance visual novel featuring curses, horrors, and three beautiful heroines. Take on the role of a young man trapped in an old mansion and get to know three beautiful girls!

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>Free Premium Choices

The House of Silence MOD APK

The one thing you’ve been looking forward to all year: your vacation in the mountains once university ends, with all your friends. Steven, Jacob, Hannah, Yuriko, and Sarah are about to join you on this adventure of a lifetime…except it’s not the kind of adventure you expected.

Trapped in an old mansion, with a mysterious curse looming over it, the six of you must try to figure out how to escape. But with each step of the way, it’s harder and harder, as your friends start to become victims of the awful curse. The house starts to reveal to you its sinister, horrifying secrets…

You find yourself growing closer with the ones you’re with…and you might even fall in love. Whom will you choose? The gentle, exchange student, whose quiet intelligence has always proven to be an asset? Or your loud and vibrant childhood friend, who knows you the best? Or will you choose the new girl, the quiet one, who is braver than she seems?


◆ Yuriko

“I always try to be rational…I just hope passion doesn’t come in the way.”

Away from home, and in a new country, makes it sound like she’s going to have a hard time. But her friendly charm and kindness meant she’s never had to be lonely. When it comes to love, though, it’s a whole different thing…

◆ Hannah

“I might seem loud and rude, but deep down, it’s only because I care.”

You’ve known her exuberant ways since she was a child. Fiercely loyal and protective, she’s as reliable as can be. But it’s only now that you’ve started noticing her for the passionate, driven, and beautiful woman that she is…

◆ Sarah

“I want a chance to prove myself, to show that I can do anything for love.”

She’s quiet, she’s shy, and she wants to make new friends. But she remains unnoticed, until this trip…which brings out the best and the worst in her. Maybe she needs you more than you think…

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