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UpdatedJune 8, 2023


The King of Summer MOD APK Download was born from a dream: a hot brown girl in a relationship, being seduced by a dandy old man while staying with her boyfriend at a summer resort.

Thus I began work on my first adult Visual Novel. I have always been a firm believer that when it comes to porn games, the story and characters are important, but the erotic content is equally as vital! So while creating this game, I began to plan out an outline and gameplay loop that would allow me to add more and more erotic and sex scenes with each passing update, both for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of any potential players.


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its a ported pc games, which might not compatible for some devices.

The King of Summer MOD APK Download

As a big fan of netorare and netorare-adjacent stories and games, I always wanted to do one myself. And while I enjoy most of the content tagged as such, with The King of Summer, I strive to do something specific: explore what I adore of this kink while creating likeable characters, and ultimately make it so that they too enjoy this experience.

Believe it or not, a happy end for everyone is planned.


Satoshi Tanaka is a college student who just got granted an extended summer vacation. Coincidentally, an uncle he hadn’t seen in some years makes him an invitation: to come enjoy summer at the Naval Treasure Resort with him. Excitedly, Satoshi accepts the invitation and takes the next train to the wonderful resort.

Bringing his gorgeous girlfriend, Maria Takizawa, along for the ride.

What he didn’t know was that his uncle, Kendo Tanaka, used to be quite a lady killer in his days. A man full of virility and manliness, traits that had seemingly faded away in time.

But at the sight of Maria (or Mary, as her friends call her), that boundless virility of his youth comes back to him in a burst. And he finds no better use for it than to seduce any attractive young girl that may catch his attention… including the charming Mary.

An oblivious and negligent boy… A dandy old man with energy and lust to spare… And a cheerful young girl, with a secret taste for danger and beefy older men…

What will happen between them? Of course, a whole bunch of flirtation, cucking and wild sex.

A netorare story with a likeable old man, a young man that deserves (or even wishes for) what’s going to happen to him, and surprisingly… a happy end for all.

The King of Summer is an interactive Visual Novel, detailing a couple’s trip to a summer resort on invitation from a distant uncle, and the many relationships (of different kinds) that they’ll make there!

This game is free and currently under development.

If you enjoy this game and want to see more content made at a faster rate, gain early access, have a say in which scenes get made and other such benefits, do consider supporting us on Patreon!


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