Truth of Blood MOD APK :Thriller Otome (Free Premium Choices) Download

Truth of Blood MOD APK :Thriller Otome (Free Premium Choices) Download

Passing a graduation exam with your life?
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UpdatedFeb 16, 2024
Released onFeb 1, 2024
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Truth of Blood MOD APK Download: Passing a graduation exam with your life? Graduation, death… or love? A dizzying romance with 4 charming men of 4 colors, a time of blood and death (Truth of Blood).

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✶ Free Premium Choices

Truth of Blood MOD APK Download

death x romance = ?
Truth of Blood is an interactive choice game in the modern fantasy romance thriller genre.
Write your own romance story on the brink of life and death!

(Caution) Every moment your choices change the fate of the characters.

Game Story
You wake up in a school in the middle of the night with a sign that says, Directions to the graduation examination center.
But it’s not a graduation ceremony tomorrow, it’s a graduation test for your life!

Anyone who doesn’t pass the test…… will die!

People dying in front of their eyes,
and bizarrely shaped monsters, there are only a limited number of people I can trust…

Jung-down, a former swimmer who is energetic and friendly, but has become depressed.
Choi Ji-han, the quietly charismatic president of our class and vice president of the entire school.
Park Do-jin, who seems to have a bit of a bad bone in his body.
Lim Yeon-woo, the mysterious ghost of the art room.
And Ra Ha Young, who is friendly but hides a secret.

In the horror of death, which can come at any moment,
a breathtaking romance with four men begins!

▶Main Points
A romance story with a dizzying and bloody death game!
Various character costumes that will lead you to your favorite ending!
Improve your character’s likability and collect high-quality illustrations of various romantic moods!

[Recommended for those who like blood and death].

✔Women who want to play a realistic female-oriented unrequited love simulation game.
Those who want to interact with characters in female-oriented role-playing games.
Those who are looking for a good-looking strategy character
Those who want to enjoy a story that changes depending on the quarter
Those who want to enjoy a romantic relationship with an attractive character
Those who want to try a female-oriented visual novel game
Those who want to feel vicariously satisfied with a sweet romance simulation
Those who want to see immersive, high-quality simkung illustrations
Want to see all the different endings based on your choices?
Enjoy Styrtaco’s female-oriented games
Want to see and choose from a wide variety of options
Those who want to play a fast-paced death game with romance.
Those who want to find out the twist of the story and make a choice.


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