Twilight Lovers MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download

Twilight Lovers MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download


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January 23, 2022
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Twilight Lovers MOD APK Download: Romance You Choose. Take on the role of this interactive story’s heroine, and you can have fun from start to finish for free! Whether you’re making big or little choices you will feel truly a part of this interactive romance novel – and pick your dream man in the process! Delve into this visual romance novel by making both fun and serious choices that will alter the story! This is a page-turning, interactive choice game that includes the paranormal, potions and three intriguing, not to mention gorgeous, men!

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Free Premium Choices

Twilight Lovers MOD APK Download

In your early twenties, you’ve just started your first ‘real’ job in the office of a pharmaceutical research and production company. Though your boss, the CEO, is drop-dead gorgeous and seems a bit, well, bossy, things go well at first. The assistant CEO and head scientist researcher are also insanely good-looking, which doesn’t hurt.

Then, you discover a shocking secret about the three of them, and what the company’s really doing! You suddenly find yourself in over your head…

[CEO of Sunderland Research, LLC] Keith
-Tall, intensely handsome and, quite frankly, a bit full of himself, Keith can be chauvinistic and authoritative. But, underneath, he has a kind heart and an admirable life-goal. He likes dressing to impress. Be wary of getting caught alone with him and his hypnotizing charm, it could be lethal!

[Assistant CEO of Sunderland Research, LLC] Colin
With a sweet, kind demeanor, this adorable guy wears glasses, can get shy and is well-mannered. He loves to hit the waves with his surfboard to unwind. Don’t let this polite, somewhat geeky man fool you – there’s a passionate, primal side underneath!

[Head Scientist at Sunderland Research, LLC] Hayden
Cool, collected…and brilliant. These three words describe Hayden to a tee. He’ll disarm you with his trademark half-smirk and smooth moves. However, he’s really a nerdy, genius scientist who excels at complex, herbal-based potions. He also prides himself on being a whiz in the kitchen, as well as the lab!

While making choices and delving deeper into the story, you become close with all three guys, including a possibly terrifying secret they hold! Read on to discover which one of these hotties is the man for you!

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