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UpdatedDec 11, 2023


Way of Corruption MOD APK Download: After years of being a hentai/eroge gamer, I have decided that it was time to make my own game where there are not only hentai scenes, but also a story and actual characters. After hiring a great artist  I finally have a first version of the first game.


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Way of Corruption MOD APK Download

My goal is to create a series of games where a story is told and it is possible to see old characters appearing and being relevant to the development of the story. In addition to creating a world with history and cultural differences. Being Way of Corruption the first game that I have made in my life, there are many details that I’m changing and improving as the updates go by (I’m always learning new things). It is also important to say that I want the Hentai focus of my games to be on the corruption of the girls and obtaining different results according to the decisions made by the players.

The truth is that I’m a complete amateur when it comes to creating a video game. Funding on this page helps me a lot to continue the development of the game.


Version Size Requirements Date
0.21 184.7 MB - 14/02/2024

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