Wish her happiness MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

Wish her happiness MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)


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January 22, 2022
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Wish her happiness MOD APK Download: When a rift develops between him and his wife, Ayato chooses divorce. “I was making my wife suffer,” he thinks to himself. Amidst his guilt, Ayato is caught up in a fatal traffic accident.

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Wish her happiness MOD APK Download

Ayato awakens to find that he has been transported 10 years into the past, back to his junior year of college. Surrounding him are his best friend Shunki, the girl who would become his wife, Honori, and her friend Miki. Still retaining his memories from the “first past,” Ayato recalls that Honori had once had a crush on Shunki. “If Shunki was with Honori, he could make her happy.” With this thought in mind, Ayato decides to help his friends get together.

Trapped in his own feelings for Honori but supported by his desire to give his wife the future that she deserves. Follow Ayato on his journey in a heart-wrenching story of youth!

Character introduction

・Ayato Kashimoto
“The last thing that I can do for Honori is to give her the love that she wanted.”

In the “first past,” Ayato married Honori who he had loved since college.
After the marriage ended in divorce, Ayato befalls an accident which causes him to be brought back to his college days.
Knowing that Honori had an unrequited love for Shunki when they were students, he decides to help her in order to change the future.

・Honori Tanabe
“Hey Ayato, you’re kinda weird, huh. It’s like… you feel a lot older than the rest of us…”

A junior in college majoring in English literature.
Upbeat and a bit naïve, “We gotta have fun” is her favorite phrase.
She enjoys active, festive events like river rafting and fireworks displays.
In the “first past”, she was rejected by Shunki. Soon after, she fell in love and married Ayato who had stayed by her side through the heartbreak.

・Miki Tachibana
“You like Honori, don’t you, Ayato?”

Miki has been friends with Honori since high school and they became roommates after graduating.
Short hair and a cool gaze, defined features and a dignified air. Miki is hard to approach and does not hold back when she has something to say.
At first glance she seems distant, but she cares deeply for Honori.

・Shunki Togawa
“If you were in trouble, I would go and help you even if you didn’t want me to.”

Like Ayato, Shunki is a junior majoring in electrical engineering.
Shunki is cheerful, frivolous, and sometimes unpredictable. However, he is also sensitive to people’s emotions and always knows how to help a friend.

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