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A Rift in the Crypt MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Oct 28, 2023
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A Rift in the Crypt MOD APK Download: There was a war between the magic side and the human side led by the Genie Army. A hero managed to bring it into a ceasefire at the expense of a young man, but 30% of the world is under the control of the Genie Army.
Celia, an ordinary girl who was chased from a place to live on a warfire, evacuated to a town called Bariente. A year later.


1. Ported to Android
2. English Translated (Manual Translation)

• Support Gamepad
• One press to move
• One long press to speed up
• Two fingers at the same time to open menu
• Two fingers press during dialogue to hide dialogue box

A Rift in the Crypt MOD APK Download

I was in love while confessing to the kind boy Hayat I met in Bariente、
Attacked by two Nympho traps.

Nympho has two purposes
・Exposed by a survey of spies, a descendant of the goddess is ( is odd ) Celia’s nostalgia.
・The beginning of Hayat, Celia’s best friend Brave’s younger brother.
Nasty begins a game in which they are pyloric in a different space to achieve two goals.

Look for the cipher somewhere in the room and escape.

Naturally, the escape game devised by cunning nasty magic is full of deliberate flaws.
Flicker in the room is not a cryptographic hint, but only information that praises Sadie.
And every time I go to a new stage, the evil and insidious temptation of nympho attacks them…..

About system
All 6 episodes. Deployment and temptation differ for each story
Every time you look it up, you can see it from the menu screen Celia and Hayat’s real sounds and Impressions on Merrill etc.
Every time you look it up, you will see the trends and dialogue of the character in the log at the bottom left.
I will lose the temptation (I have a compulsory event) and a naughty record will be added.
Various information can be viewed in character dictionary.

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