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Absolute Domination MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Apr 03, 2024
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Step into the polished shoes of a successful CEO, who seems to have it all together in the bustling world of high finance. But beneath the surface, a yearning for something more awaits – a yearning for a love that’s as captivating as it is real. 


Ported to Android

Absolute Domination MOD APK For Android

Our main character is enjoying a lavish and happy life alongside his beautiful fiancée. Suddenly, one day, the appearance of Emily – The enigmatic new secretary whose presence sets off a chain reaction of emotions that will leave you breathless, She shifts everything in a different direction. Be cautious with all your choices throughout the gameplay, as they will directly impact the story’s outcome.

This will be a short visual novel to entertain you amidst a series of other captivating stories of the same genre. Get ready, as this story is now in its final stages before being released as soon as possible.

The world in the game will still maintain its vastness, but it won’t be empty and dull like the old version. There will be more sideline activities to explore.

Here are some features of the new world:

1. Use the “MAP” feature to move around the city more quickly.

2. Item and gift system (Things you use to interact with the girls in the game).

3. Impressions with the girls will become much more challenging because now you will have to chat to understand them, and then choose conversation topics and gifts that suit their personalities.

4. The character upgrade system has also been changed so that you can learn more multi-platform knowledge.

5. The addition of the smartphone feature will be an invaluable tool in experiencing the world of Absolute Domination.

6. Superpowers will be used more actively, depending on whether the user wants to “cheat” or not.”

PS: Images of Game UIs will be posted in the next few days as they are completed.

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