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UpdatedMay 31, 2024


Academy34 MOD APK Download: you are taking on a role of a freshman cadet, who had just enrolled into the prestigious Sentinel Academy, a place, where young people train to become Agents, dedicating their lives to protecting the world from the terror and, basically, just bad things in general. In reality, no matter how pompous this place is trying to appear, it is still a yet another rich school, filled with hundreds of young adults trying to figure out their place in life.


1. Ported to Android

Academy34 MOD APK Download

The moment you made your first step on the grounds of this Academy, you realized that maybe you are not ready to become an agent just yet. The idea of dedicating your life sounded so heroic, but now there’s a strange lingering thought inside your mind – You want to experience that absurd and chaotic student life. You really do. Though, not like it depends on your choice, as misadventures have already begun!

Experience the absolute disarray of being a student, find new friends and partners, get intimate and accidentally discover a reason why that one cute girl in particular had a leash, but no pets in sight. Get involved into drama, become a personal therapist for an unhinged hacker girl, make her fall in love with you and commit a federal crime in the name of love. Discover so many new ways to express affection, including but not limited to: Performing a summoning ritual on the parking lot, opening up a gate to countless alternative realities, solving global warming crisis and many more!

This game has it all, and then some.


Version Size Requirements Date 179.0 MB - 12/07/2023
v0.15.1.1 PART 4 — FREE RELEASE 177 MB - 23/06/2023

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