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Adverse Effects MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Nov 14, 2023
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Adverse Effects MOD APK Download: Your life was normal, up until a few months ago nothing really interesting ever happened to you. That is until your ‘childhood friend’ started drinking. You didn’t know why she started drinking, just that it pissed you off. With this new found love for alcohol came a new found love for arguing, it’s like she’d feed off it. Her main target was your house mate, a few years younger than you and naïve, it seems anything she did would annoy your ‘childhood friend’ to no end. Being older than her gave you a sense of responsibility, like it was your job to look after her, which you didn’t mind, you love your house mate and would do anything to protect her. Whenever your ‘childhood friend’ pulled out a bottle of booze you knew an argument wasn’t far behind it, she’d get angry at the most pointless things, socks left on the floor, toilet roll tubes left in the bathroom and your personal favourite, no coaster for your cup.

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Adverse Effects MOD APK Download

Eventually, her husband decided enough was enough and he kicker her out of the house, and her being her decided she’d drag you and your house mate with her. It was the first week of summer vacation and all you wanted to do was travel, but the only traveling you’d be doing is to your ‘childhood friends’ sister’s cabin in the middle of nowhere. The last time you was at the cabin it was a wreck, granted that was 8 years ago but your expectations didn’t change, your ‘childhood friends’ sister was always a bit of a slob, the messy type that didn’t give a fuck what others thought. That’s why it was a shock to you, arriving at a modern looking cabin with all the fixtures and fittings you’d expect a city apartment to have. It seems your ‘childhood friends’ sister got her act together.

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