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Analistica Academy MOD APK (Android/Port) Download

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Dec 17, 2023
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Analistica Academy MOD APK Download: This is our premier product, A Princess Tale, which is supposed to be a lighthearted adult game with themes of reincarnation and second chances.


1. Ported To Android
2. Uncensored 18+ Patch

Analistica Academy MOD APK Download

Please support us if you can, as it would help up make our game better and expand further into this industry!

A Princess’ Tale is about the tensions running high on the content of Pandolen, where the war-crazy Kerwan Empire has launched conquests all over the content and beyond, claiming many territories, leaving only Gelud on their home ground who were just about as powerful – on paper.

Gelud is soon – and inevitably – embroiled in a war with Kerwan and loses, leading to the royal family becoming captives. Helia, the spoiled Princess of Gelud, realizes the folly of her pampered upbringing and craves a second chance as she and her sister Portia bleed out to death.

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