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Anime High School Simulator Mod Apk: is an anime fighting game. Where you play as high school girl Miku, the girl who develop a crush on Senpai, but Senpai is Monica’s boyfriend and she is a yandere who will never let Senpai go.
You need to fight students and complete quests to upgrade your skills, get stronger to defeat Yandere chan and win Senpai’s love to start dating him.

Mod Info?

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Crystals*
3. Unlimited Skill Points*
*use them even don’t have enough

Anime High School Simulator Mod Apk

Explore the vast territory of the Japanese school and surroundings, meet other inhabitants with
different personalities such as tsundere, yandere kuudere or dandere and complete their quests.

• Customize your character, choose your style.

• Play as a boy or a girl, 9 characters are playable.

• Join a cooking club, occult club, gardening club and many other clubs.

• Day and night cycle. In daytime you can maintain an ordinary school life, and at night school is haunting with zombies and ghosts

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