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AyuGram APK (Telegram Client) Download

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September 16, 2023
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AyuGram APK Download: Experimental third-party Telegram client based on exteraGram with some patches from Telegraher. But it’s not just exteraGram with Telegraher’s commits, it’s a fully reworked version.

AyuGram APK Download

The main difference between AyuGram and Telegraher is that AyuGram saves your messages history, while Telegraher just caches them. It means that you can clean your cache and still have all saved messages.

Also, AyuGram has full ghost mode. It allows you to hide your online status from other users, even if you send them a message.

And, well, it’s not an Iranian Telegram fork with floating TV or something.
Features list
Telegraher’s patches:
Built with official keys
Screenshots in secret chats
No emulator detection
No ads
Reworked Telegraher’s patches:
Save chats where you were banned/kicked
Expire button for TTL photos/videos
…something else probably

Our features:

Full ghost mode (flexible)
Messages history (flexible)
Message filters (e.g. hide ads)
Customizable edited/deleted marks
Local Telegram Premium
Sync read states and message history with AyuSync
Up to stream Telegram version (snidely)
Note that we use Crashlytics. If you don’t want to send crash reports, you can disable it in exteraGram Preferences.

AyuGram4A does NOT include proprietary exteraGram features.

What’s New:
• Merge upstream exteraGram
• Remove boost stuff
• Fix deletion of sending messages
• Fix last message in dialogs
• Fix blur stacking in dialogs caused by filters
• Fix AyuForward a bit
• Fix dialog deletion
• Fix showing app contents in recents with enabled Passlock
• Fix WAL mode turning back on
• Don’t load deleted messages in comments
• General improvements to loading deleted messages
• Show more accurate database size in the AyuGram Preferences

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